Due to continuing controversy with regard to the testing of CERVIDAE we ask that you PHONE our office at 660-385-2516 for current test requirements.

Some rules are in addition to Missouri State requirements because of the large number of animals that go out of state. Please read carefully.

  • ANTELOPE & AFRICAN HOOFSTOCK: Readable ET & placed on Health Paper
  • BOVINE, (Cattle, Buffalo, etc.):All such animals  must have a large number tag in the ear along with the small USDA metal tag (both tag numbers must be on Health Papers). It is recommended but not required for these animals to have a negative TB & Bangs Test within 30 days of shipment. Male bovine 2 years and over must have negative Trich test (excluding: watusi, buffalo, yak, zebu, & water buffalo). 
  • ALL CERVIDAE (Deer, Elk, Muntjac, etc.): Call for Information (660-385-2516)
  • EQUINE -- Horse, Donkeys, Zebra, etc.:All Equine require a twelve (12) month negative Coggins Test on all weaned Equine -- regardless of age. Each animal must have a separate lab test paper & Health Certificate. No copies of lab coggins will be accepted. Electronic Coggins must be original with watermark- no copies or faxes.
  • PRIMATES:NO primates over the age of 5 mths old (with the exception of Marmosets.  We will sell Marmosets of all ages)  NO GREATER APES
  • RATITIES:- Out of state birds need individual ID leg bands & General Health Papers
  • SWINE:General health papers & call State vets office for entry permits 573-751-3377. They must have permenant official ID.
  • SHEEP & GOATS:All Sheep must have an official USDA tag listed on Health Papers. They must have a scrapie tag. Call for information at 573-636-3116.
  • ALL Out of State MISCELLANEOUS OR COMMON FOWL : Chickens, Turkeys, Peafowl, Game Birds, etc. must have Pulloroum Test within the last 90 days or NPIP Pullorum clean within the last 12 months, Health papers or VS Form 9-3 and entry permit & individual ID. In Waterfowl from out of state will also need Influenza Test papers. Out of state Waterfowl needs Negative Avian Influenza test within 72 hrs of movement to Missouri, health papers & entry permit, Individual ID. Missouri birds need only proper cages, feed & water.
  • ALL MISCELLANEOUS & EXOTIC ANIMALS & BIRDS -- Including Pet Shop Variety Birds, Small caged animals ( Having named only a few of the categories which are most frequently inquired about):All animals and out of state birds- Parrots & Perching birds presented for exchange, barter, lease or sale at a licensed livestock market/sale must be accompanied by an official Veterinary Inspection Certificate showing an individual listing of the common names of the Animal(s) / Bird(s) and appropriate descriptions of Animal(s) / Bird(s) such as sex, age coloration & the permanent tag number, brand or tattoo identification. Parrots & Perching birds birds will need CONSIGNORS PLEASE NOTE: For the security and protection of your animals - ALL NURSERY LOTS must be checked in by no later than 9 pm on the evening prior to the CAGED ANIMAL sale. Please arrange your travel schedule to comply with this new rule. There will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • CAMELS:General Health Papers along with perm. ID. It is recommended but not required for these animals to have a negative TB & Bangs Test within 30 days of shipment. 
  • LLAMAS:General health papers.
  • Shipping Permits:Your Veterinarian must call (573-751-3377 or 573-751-4359) for an Entry Permit (Entry Permit numbers must be on Health Papers).
  • GENERAL INFORMATION: SELLERS MUST BRING A PHOTOCOPY OF THEIR USDA & GAME BREEDERS PERMITS. Anyone buying or selling SMALL CATS, PRIMATES 5 MONTHS & UNDER, OR ANY OTHER ANIMALS GOVERNED BY THE USDA must have a USDA license. All caged animals must be in USDA approved temporary or shipping crates with necessary water & feed pans. BUYERS: Be prepared to wait for your Shipping Permit Number. Each state has its own rules. Our vets will do all they can to get your animals on the road as soon as possible.
  • Persons purchasing Wildlife at Consignment sales shall obtain a Wildlife Hobby or appropriate Wildlife Breeder permit prior to the purchase. Non-residents may take exception in that they may possess & transport purchased Wildlife without a permit for 48 hours following close of sale. Consult Chapter 9 of Missouri Wildlife Code 1994 concerning significant changes with regard to captive Wildlife, or call your local Conservation Agent. Code books are available by calling the Conservation Department at 573-751-4115.